Professional services

The key vision of the Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s Economic Forum is to develop a model knowledge economy for the 21st century, set within a rural context, successfully competing within a global economy.

Businesses within this sector are generally in service industries where people are the assets. By their very nature these businesses are often new, innovative and fast growing. They have to be able to adapt rapidly to a dynamic environment while maintaining service delivery, leaving little time for controlling and managing the financial matters of the company.

At Kelsall Steele we understand this and aim to provide the necessary support, training and advice to enable management to ensure they are compliant and have the information they need to hand. Our clients include:

• Graphic and interior designers
• Structural designers
• IT consultancy
• IT services

We advise on:

• Business structures able to adapt to rapid growth
• Finance arrangements to fund expansion
• Robust internal financial control systems
• Strategic planning for future direction and development
• Sound financial management information
• Effective taxation strategies to maximise retained income
• Tax efficient methods of profit extraction to minimise the overall tax burden
• Exit strategies

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Clare Vaughan.