Third party services

Our specialist tax and audit departments are both available to provide their specialist services to small accountancy practices wishing to expand their service offering.

Third party audit services

In recent years the audit threshold has increased to such a level that many accountancy practices may now have only one or two statutory audits.

The cost of maintaining the audit registration for such practices is not cost effective but, if that practice lets the registration lapse, and therefore their ability to provide audits, it is possible the practice will lose a valued client. This is a real dilemma for practices without dedicated audit teams.

This position is made worse by the introduction of the new Ethical Standards which means that even if a practice should choose to continue with its audit registration there may be too many ethical concerns for it to continue to act in an audit capacity.

This is particularly relevant in cases where the practice is close to the client and providing the support that client wants and requires.

This is where Kelsall Steele can help.

As registered auditors with an audit client base and a dedicated audit team, we are able to offer pure audit services to clients of accountancy practices who no longer wish to retain their practising certificate. We will do this on the basis that we will not offer or provide any other service to that client.

On such assignments we will work with the accountancy practice to provide an efficient and professional service to the client but importantly enabling the accountancy practice to continue to provide all the other services to that client.