Corporate finance

The term corporate finance is generally associated with transactions in which capital is raised in order to create, develop, grow or acquire a business. Corporate finance is often associated with some degree of change of ownership in a business, perhaps connected with the creation of a new equity structure or shareholder or owner base. This is therefore related to the issue of, purchase or exchange of equity and in many cases this will involve the raising of debt finance.

Typical transactions we advise on and support are:

  • Raising seed, start-up, development or expansion capital.
  • Mergers, demergers, acquisitions or the sale of private companies.
  • Management buy-out, buy-in or similar of companies.
  • Raising capital via the issue of equity, debt and related securities for the refinancing and restructuring of businesses.
  • Financing joint ventures and project finance,
  • Raising debt and restructuring debt.
  • Due Diligence and transaction support
  • Restructuring Debt; Internal growth, Retirement, Succession planning, Releasing wealth

All of these issues appear to be surrounded by complex legal documents, a minefield of taxation implications and detailed financial calculations. Kelsall Steele can help you to meet those objectives, guiding you through the maze of information and processes. The work that we can perform in meeting these objectives are:

Acquisitions and disposals

Assistance with the buying and selling of a company or business.

Business valuations

Providing valuations of businesses, either your own or that of a target business.

Due diligence

Performing a review of the business you are purchasing to ensure that the financial workings of the target company are fully disclosed and are in order. The scope of such work is driven by the requirements of the investor, buyer or supporting financial institution.

Our experience in such matters ensures that not only do we have the technical capability but we are able to tailor our services to our client’s needs.

Business planning

Providing guidance in helping develop your business strategy, including budgeting and cash flow projections


Helping you to prepare your business for sale

Tax planning

Planning and advice on any purchase, sale or restructuring of your business to minimise the tax position


Helping obtain the financing you need to fund your business’ project

Mergers / demergers / joint ventures

Restructuring your business to allow maximisation of profit, tax savings and to best match your objectives.

Management buy outs / buy in

Assistance with all of the above matters when a management team are involved in a purchase.

By stripping away the jargon, Kelsall Steele can assist you in achieving the aims of your business, from start-up through to the final sale, and being close to hand allows you to access technical expertise combined with local knowledge.