Business Support & Advisory Services

Whether you are a sole trader or a large company there’s a common thread: you’re seeking an edge, and better results. Here are some ways in which we can help you achieve that:

Business development and strategy planning

Helping you set your goals in a creative and intuitive way, and providing you with the tools to reach them. From the initial spark of an idea right through to selling your business, it’s reassuring to know that someone’s there to help you over the financial hurdles. We can offer a tailored service to your business’ individual needs whatever stage of growth it is at.

Corporate finance

Whilst this sounds as an activity that only relates to large companies this is far from the case. Corporate Finance is often associated with some degree of change of ownership in a business. For a company this would be connected to a transaction that leads to the creation of a new equity structure or shareholder base, and the related issue, purchase or exchange of shares or debt. The same principals however apply to all businesses and in practice extend to a wide spectrum of the structuring and raising finance for businesses. Please look at our corporate finance section for more details.

Profit improvement

We look at your business and your objectives then work with you to improve your bottom line providing inventive and practical advice.

Incorporation services

Whether this is the incorporation of an existing business or a start up enterprise, we can guide you through the decision process ensuring the structure fits the business needs and all taxation considerations and considered. We will then support you through the incorporation process