Georgina’s 200 Mile Charity Triathlon

Charity Triathlon

In May, Kelsall Steele’s Georgina Monk took up the challenge of a 200 mile Triathlon from Gloucester to Blackpool raising money for The British Heart Foundation over the space of a week.

Each year the County Chairman of Cornwall Federation of Young Farmers sets a charity challenge to get a group of members to the Annual General Meeting, also known the Cornwall YFC “WOTNOT”. Joined by 46 fellow members of the Federation, it was a brilliant week and a great achievement for all involved.

The Triathlon

Georgina walked 47 miles from Maismore in Gloucester to Worcester. “This is not my first WOT NOT, I cycled 400 miles of the Olympic torch route from London to Torquay in 2012 and 2013 saw me canoe 100 miles of river Thames, however the walking this year was the hardest thing I have done.”

The next stage was to Canoe 20 miles of the Canal in Worcester which given her previous WOTNOT challenges she believed this would a walk in the park. “Due to having no flow of the river and unmanned locks meant we had to carry the canoes around them, this was harder than previously expected, however a great way to see the countryside and some of the sites.”

The last 2 and half days saw the team cycle 150 miles from Worcester to Blackpool. “Being a keen cyclist and used to the Cornish terrain this was quite a relaxing section of the days, however I do think I need to work on my map reading skills! Trying to navigate the back roads in the north was the hardest part of the challenge, taking numerous wrong turnings always hoping you were not going to pop up on the M6.”

Triathlon Cyclists

Federation of Cornwall Young Farmers

The Federation of Cornwall Young Farmers is a federation run by the members for the members, with 3 members of staff and 6 volunteers overseeing all activities. It has been going strong for 77 years. Cornwall has 20 clubs across Cornwall playing host to over 730 members. Georgina is currently the Junior Vice Chairman of Young Farmers and looks to become the County Chairman in September 2015.

Making a Donation

The team hope to raise in excess of £5,000 for the British Heart Foundation, although we have completed the challenge it is never too late to show your support for such a good cause. If you would like to show your support, please contact Georgina regarding sponsoring her, let’s keep Cornwall Heart’s Pumping!

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