Brexit – One month on


We are now one month on from ‘Brexit’ and the UK voting to leave the European Union. While there is still a large level of uncertainty regarding our country’s economic future, a particular concern for our county is the future availability of grant funding.

This uncertainty is likely set to remain at least until the government triggers Article 50 and begins the negotiation process to bring us out of the European Union entirely.

So far it’s “Business as usual”

Despite this overall level of uncertainty, we have not seen much, and it has not been reported back to us that there has been much, in the way of an adverse effect to current trading. So far it all seems to be “business as usual” how long this will stay the case remains to be seen.

Contact us if you have any concerns

If you have any concerns over Brexit and its short/long-term impact on your business we recommend that you contact us as we can help you plan and monitor your business’s performance in these uncertain times by providing assistance with discussing your business strategy, preparing budgets and forecasts and preparing up-to-date accurate management information with comparisons to your budgets.

Concerns clearly remain over grant funding with both the Cornwall County Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership lobbying government to try and provide some measure of security, however, it should be noted that grant funding is still available in the interim. We recommend that you contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding your current funding or if you were considering grant funding as an option.