Motor Neurone Disease Association

mndaEach year at Kelsall Steele we like to choose a charity to support throughout the year, through various different fundraising events and activities. In 2015 we were able to raise over £1,000 for the Macmillan Cove Appeal and in 2016 we have chose to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) with the aim to raise around £2,000!

MNDA Cornwall
As a Cornish company we like to support a cause or charity that’s not only close to home, but one that’s close to heart as well. Our Director, Bernard Pooley, recently lost a family member to MND which is why we chose to specifically support and raise money for the Cornwall Branch of the MNDA.

MDNA Cornwall are there to serve people in the county affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND), as well as their carers, families and friends. MND is an incurable condition affecting the muscles which leaves sufferers unable to do some of the simple, everyday things that we take for granted.

Through our fundraising towards the MDNA we hope to raise public awareness of the condition, as well as significant funds that can go towards support, care and equipment for the benefit of those who suffer from the condition.

Throughout our fundraising during 2016 we were delighted to have raised a grand total of £1,700 for MNDA Cornwall, a fantastic amount which we know will go a long way to help and support the charity and the great work that they do.

In February 2017 we welcomed Cath Aitkenhead, Branch Secretary of the Cornwall Branch, MNDA, to our offices so that we could present her with a cheque for £1,700.

Bernard Pooley presenting Cath from MNDA Cornwall with the total of Kelsall Steele’s 2016 fundraising

Below are details of some of the ways we raised money during 2016:

Storm Force 10!
Our first fundraising enterprise of 2016 was to enter a 5 person team into Storm Force 10 on 24 January 2016, a 10 mile road race starting from Camborne Science & International Academy, taking a rural undulating route around the country lanes to Leedstown and back . The KS team consisted of Lisa, Tiffany, James, Joe and Bernard. Generous sponsorship from staff and clients meant we were able to raise over £1,000 for MNDA Cornwall.

Christmas Cards
We decided in December 2016 that instead of sending Christmas cards to staff and clients that we would make a donation towards our chosen charity instead – we therefore donated £140 towards our fundraising collection for the MNDA.

Dress Down Fridays
We continued with our tradition of dress down Fridays throughout 2016, each staff member that dressed down on a Friday paid a donation towards the MNDA of £1. Over the year this really added up and we’ve raised in excess of £300 through this alone.