Fee Protection Insurance

Fee protection insurance is an insurance scheme which will cover you, as our client, against any fees which may arise due to an investigation into your tax affairs.

Most taxes are now self-assessed, in that they oblige the taxpayer to declare their income, gains and other taxable amounts as well as the tax due thereon. HMRC have the right to make enquiries into such returns and assessments, which can be disruptive, time-consuming and stressful.

While we can assist you in dealing with these enquiries, we also offer you the peace of mind of being able to insure against our fees for undertaking this work.

While the fee protection insurance policy will not cover any tax that may become due as a result of the enquiries, it does however give you the comfort of knowing that in the event of an enquiry you can call on our support and expertise at no cost to yourself.

For further details of our fee protection insurance, including what it does and doesn’t cover and reasons why it may be beneficial for you to have, please see the information leaflet linked below.

If you are a current client of ours, and are interested in taking out fee protection insurance, please call us now on 01872 271655 and speak to Julia Hollyoake, or email julia.hollyoake@kelsallsteele.co.uk for a quote.