Corporate Finance

Associated Companies

Associated Companies

Are you associated? For the financial year to 31 March 2015, Limited Companies paid different rates of Corporation Tax depending on their profit levels. If taxable profits were higher than £1,500,000 then the rate of tax was 21%. If taxable profits were less than £300,000 then the rate of tax was 20% and for profits …Read More

Invoices paid

Invoice Factoring

An increasingly popular method of regulating a business’ cash flow is to sign up to invoice factoring or financing and release the book debts quicker than the customers may pay you. It is therefore often appealing to start-ups or growing businesses. There are pros and cons of undertaking such a step as follows:- Pros You may …Read More

Grants are available through Business Boost

Business Boost is a suite of investments funds totalling £17m that is designed to enhance the business growth of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Business Boost offers a series of different investment opportunities that together make up a comprehensive range of options for businesses of every size and type, operating in every sector. Investments …Read More