Business tax planning

If you run a company, have you thought about how you extract the profits? Depending on circumstances it can sometimes be more tax efficient to take dividends and other times more efficient to take an increased salary or a bonus.

If you have lent money to the company, are you maximising repayments of your loan? Our team can help you through the decision process and determine the right solution for you.

If you don’t run a company and run your business as a sole trader or through a partnership, have you ever wondered what the benefits might be of incorporating? While the government has taken steps to diminish the benefits that previously arose on incorporation, it is still possible to save significant amounts of tax by incorporating. If you would like to know how much you may be able to save, please get in touch.

Have you considered whether you are rewarding and incentivising your staff in the most tax efficient way? Are you maximising claims for tax relief on your purchases of plant and equipment for use in the business? Do you want to “go green” and understand the tax breaks of doing so?

If you are contemplating selling your business, we can advise on tax efficient strategies, as the less tax you have to pay on its sale, the more you retain to pursue other opportunities.

Have HMRC advised that they are enquiring into your tax affairs? If so, please give us a call as we can help manage the enquiries and assist you in ensuring they reach the right conclusions.